Powder Coat Limited Warranty

Simplified Fabricators, Inc. shall warranty its powder coatings for a period of one year. Simplified Fabricators, Inc. warrants that the process of the pretreatment and cure of all parts powder coated meets or exceeds the industry standards set forth by the powder manufacturers.

Due to environment, consumer usage, metal construction and fabrication variances, all of which are out of the control and responsibility of Simplified Fabricators, Inc., this warranty is limited. It is Simplified Fabricators, Inc.’s responsibility under this warranty to renew the powder coating on the item that has been determined that powder coating workmanship by Simplified Fabricators, Inc. or a powder coat material was defective. Simplified Fabricators, Inc. upon notice and determination of valid claim will re-coat parts at their own expense. Simplified Fabricators, Inc. is not liable for the cost of take down, re-installation or transport of effected parts. Simplified Fabricators, Inc. reserves the right to inspect and to determine cause for failure of coating.

Inspection Includes
  • Tubes or pipes that have end caps and do not have a weep hole have a high risk of vapors escaping during the curing process that will damage the powder finish in an oven. Without a weep hole for the gases to escape, Simplified Fabricators, Inc., is not responsible for the damage oven may produce.
  • Handrails and fencing that are not welded solid allow moisture to build up in places that the powder coat cannot penetrate. Simplified Fabricators, Inc. is not responsible for these areas that will rust after installation.
  • Weldments and frames that have overlapping metals trap moisture and will rust if the overlapping metals are not seal welded. Simplified Fabricators, Inc. is not responsible for the rust that will build up and spread from these areas.
  • Sharp edges must be rounded to be able to hold an appropriate mil thickness of paint. Sharp edges that are not rounded will rust. Simplified Fabricators, Inc. is not responsible for rust that occurs because of sharp edges.
  • Design and/or welding flaws, such as pin holes, overlapping steel placements or non-sealed welds that allow moisture to build up and cause rust are not covered by this warranty.
  • Simplified Fabricators, Inc. does not warranty for items damaged by nicks, cuts, scratches or any other normal wear and tear on the item as it is being used.
The following acts and/or omissions will void the warranty:
  • Physical damage due to transport or installation
  • Contact with salt water, magnesium chlorides, ice melt
  • Contact with chlorine, fertilizer pesticides, or industrial chemical agents
  • Contact with sprinkler systems, tree sap, entangled vegetation
  • Alteration of coating by owner or agents of owner
  • Physical damage due to acts of God